Group Tours at The Children’s Farm

A field trip to The Children’s Farm is a unique, educational experience for all ages. The Children’s Farm offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience a real working farm. They see first-hand all the different types of farm animals, how they live, what they eat, how they feel and sound. They learn why all the different animals are raised, how the farm produces its own food, and how that food is harvested and stored.

The Children’s Farm truly is a real working farm where chickens lay eggs, sheep grow wool, goats give milk, and horses eat hay harvested right from our fields. As such, every season provides a different experience. There is never a bad time to visit the farm! The springtime provides an awe-inspiring opportunity to see new life on the farm–the pens are busy with moms & babies greeting visitors. Throughout the summer, our farmers are hard at work harvesting hay for the winter and groups may have the opportunity to watch hay harvesting, baling and storing. As fall approaches, our pumpkin patch is ripe for picking and children love to roam the fields to find their perfect pumpkin! November trips demonstrate to visitors how our animals prepare for the cold weather as well as how we can utilize some of our byproducts from the fall to feed our own animals! December trips are focused around live nativity reenactments. Students get dressed up as shepherds, wise men, angels, and Mary and Joseph. Together they portray the first nativity. 

As the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area expands in all directions, The Children’s Farm offers a unique opportunity for young people to experience a part of our Illinois heritage and history.

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