Frequently Asked Questions: School Tours

How long will the tour last?

All tours last approximately one hour and length. If you have opted to add a hayrack ride to your tour, that will add an additional twenty minutes to the total time.

Do the kids get to touch the animals?

Absolutely! Our entire tour is based off of hands-on interactions with our animals. Students will have the opportunity to feel the scratchy hair on a pig, the soft down feathers on a chicken and the smooth fur on our rabbits. Guests go in many of our animal stations, and in others the animals are brought out to the group for interactions. The only animals we don’t get our hands on are our horses. We utilize our small ponies and donkeys to be our equine ambassadors for most of our programs for young children.

How many people can you accommodate at one time?

We can accommodate groups of up to 175 people (participants & chaperones) dependent upon availability.

How will our group be split up?

We try to keep our groups small so that everyone can have ample time to interact with the animals. Maximum group size is 25 people (children & adults) although we try to keep it under 20 people per group. For example, if your school is bringing 80 people, you will most likely be split into 4 groups.

Is the tour/farm handicap accessible?

The tour can easily be adapted to accommodate guests in wheelchairs. The animal pens have a 2” step into them, but many of the animals can be brought outside of the pens for guests to enjoy. We also have a handicap accessible hayrack.

How do we pay for our tour?

We require one payment to be made in full upon arrival for your tour. We accept check, cash or card.

Is there an area where we can eat lunch?

Yes! We do have a covered picnic area. However, we do not have any vending machines or food service on site.

Are there restrooms on site?

Yes. We do have indoor restrooms.

Where should we park?

Be advised: Our address spans both side of the highway. A GPS will take you to ‘The Center’ which is on the West side of Southwest Highway. The Children’s Farm is on the East side of Southwest highway. All tour vehicles (cars, vans, buses) should park in the parking lot and participants should walk up the walkway. Buses are not allowed up the driveway as there is no safe turnaround.