We have two Christmas Eve Services on Mon Dec 24. Here are the Christmas Eve Service Details.

This is Rev. Chris’s Meditations page.

We won the “Cooking Up Better Lives” kitchen makeover contest thanks to Mark and Kathy Raber, Ramar Supply, Inc., and Excell Marketing Corporation!!!

While the majority of the makeover will be donated, we still have substantial demolition and construction costs to cover.

Please read all about this exciting news in our July/August Newsletter.

If you’d like to help us out tremendously and donate, you can do so at this kitchen donation link.

Thanks so much to those of you who have already donated!

The Wayside Chapel stands on the highest point of The Center’s grounds. It is the underlying base of all The Center’s programs.


We are an interfaith organization, and we recognize the importance of God in all that we do.


Religious programming centers around Sunday afternoon Vespers each week. Vespers are held at 12:30 and 4:30. In addition there are religious celebrations for baptisms, memorial services, and hundreds of weddings.


We lead many special services associated with the Christian holidays. The Easter Sunrise Service, the Pilgrimage to the Manger (held at our farm), Christmas Eve by candlelight, and Advent Services are some that have a consistent following of people who look forward to the spiritual enrichment they draw from these special occasions.

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The whole atmosphere at the Wayside Chapel is that of peace and worship. It is open for worship services, meditation and prayer, and to those who come in an hour of need seeking an answer to their questions.

For any questions about Vespers, The Wayside Chapel and related matters please email Reverend Christine Hopkins.

Wayside Chapel Gallery: