Birthday Parties at The Children’s Farm

Looking for a birthday party that isn’t more of the same? Make their next birthday party one to remember by having it here with us! We’ll deliver fun in an educational, safe and unique environment that your kids and guests will love!

All birthday party packages include:

  • Reserved, covered party space with picnic tables and access to a fireplace or fire pit
  • A one-hour guided, hands-on farm tour with close-up introductions to all of our animals
  • A 15-minute scenic group hayrack ride around our 60+ acre property
Birthday party packages are available on Saturdays and Sundays and run from 2pm-5pm*.

Party package pricing for groups up to 50 people (children and adults)**:

Groups up to 20 people: $300

Groups between 21-30 people: $400

Groups between 31-40 people: $500

Groups between 41-50 people: $600

*Birthday parties during the months of March and November run from 1pm-4pm; We do not offer private party packages during the month of October

**For groups larger than 50 people, please contact Tara at regarding pricing.

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Can you tell us about the layout of the party?

Your party rental runs from 2:00pm-5:00pm (Rentals during the months of March and November run from 1pm-4pm). Farm programming will begin half an hour after your rental begins and run for approximately 60-75 minutes. You and your guests will receive a private guided tour of the farm where children and adults will be welcomed into the animal pens for opportunities to pet, hold and interact with all of our animals. Then, your group will receive a 15 minute, scenic group hayrack ride around our 60+ acre farm. After all programming is complete, you will have the remaining time for food, cake, gifts, etc. All parties are asked to be cleaned up and leaving the premises by no later than 5:10pm. Parties departing more than 10 minutes after the end of their rental time will incur a $150 after-hours fee per hour.

What time should we tell our guests to arrive?

Party hosts are encouraged to arrive up to one hour prior to the beginning of your rental time to begin decorating. Please be advised that the farm is open to the public prior to your rental time. We recommend asking your guests to arrive at the beginning of your rental time. Farm programming will begin half an hour after the start of your rental time. Programs beginning later may be altered to account for time loss.

Do you have a refrigerator or freezer space?

No, unfortunately we do not have the ability to offer freezer or refrigerator space.

Where should we park?

Party hosts can utilize the circle drive for loading and unloading their vehicles, and then must move their cars to the parking lot. All other party guests should park in the main parking lot that is on the right-hand side when you turn into the driveway. Please note: Our address spans across both sides of Southwest Highway. Please ensure that your guests know to arrive at the farm (east side), not the lodge side (west side).

How should we dress?

Please tell your guests to dress weather appropriate. There is no heat in the covered space. Our birthday parties run rain or shine, so please tell your guests to prepare for the weather.

How do we pay?

Upon booking, hosts make a $50 nonrefundable deposit to secure their desired party date. We accept cash, check or credit card. Party hosts pay for their party upon departure. Hosts that leave more than 10 minutes after their rental time has ended will incur additional fees.

Can we make a fire?

Yes! There is firewood on the side of the building behind the fireplace. The farm staff can supply you with one starter log and your party will be responsible for starting and tending your fire. Please come prepared with a lighter if you choose to make a fire.

Can I serve food?

Yes. Please feel free to have food delivered or bring your own food. We do not have kitchen facilities or coolers available for use. Additionally, there is no alcohol allowed on property.

Can I grill food?

Yes. We do have a grill that parties can use. When booking your party, please be sure that you state you would like the grill to be accessible.

Questions? Contact Tara at or (708) 361-2434