Egg Incubation Program

We offer a spring Egg Incubation program that brings farm life into your home or classroom!

Egg reservations can be made beginning February 1st and are made on a first come, first serve basis.

Dependent on availability, egg pick-ups are available March 15th through May 17th.

We provide:
 Fertile eggs
 Small bag of starter chick feed
 A home for your chicks once they hatch

We do not provide:
 An incubator
 Food & water dishes
 Heat source to keep chicks warm (Heat lamp or Heat Plate)
 Bedding and an enclosure for your chicks (Rubbermaid Totes work well)
 21 days worth of care for the eggs
 care for the chicks after hatching, before they are returned to The Children’s Farm (Typically 1-2 weeks)


6 eggs : $25

12 eggs: $50

Our Egg Incubation Sign up will be available February 1st, 2024!


Where can I purchase an incubator?

You can purchase an incubator that suits your needs off of Amazon. You can also check local farm stores such as Tractor Supply Company, Farm and Fleet or Home and Harvest.

What should I use for a brooder set up?

The easiest and most cost-effective brooder set-up is a large Rubbermaid tote with shavings at the bottom. People have also used play pens or kids swimming pools as well. Make sure if using a heat lamp that it is properly secured. Heat plates are less of a fire hazard.

Can I transport the eggs after I begin incubating?

We do not recommend unplugging and transporting the incubator after the incubation process has begun. If there is a period of time you will be unable to turn the eggs, we highly recommend an egg turner. If turning the eggs by hand, the eggs need to be turned 3-7 times per day.

How many of the eggs will hatch?

Typically we see an average hatch rate of 60-70%.

Can I keep the chicks?

You are more than welcome to keep the chickens or find them a home yourself. We do ask if you are returning the chickens, to bring them back no later than 8 weeks after they hatch.

What breed are the chickens?

We have a variety of different chickens in our coop, so most of our chicks crossbreeds of the following: Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Polish, Silkie, Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Australorp and Easter Eggers. Most of the eggs will be brown, but you may get some white, blue or green eggs.

Do you have duck eggs for incubation?

Our duck flock is not very prolific with their egg laying so we do not offer duck eggs for incubation.