November Tours at The Children’s Farm

Available November 6th through November 15th, 2023

Moo-ve About The Farm

This is our flagship farm tour program and is a perfect option for groups looking for a fun, educational, hands on farm experience that provides an overall introduction to our farm and resident animals.  This guided tour will cover basic farm and animal facts and provides the opportunity to interact and pet all of our animal species.  Since we are a real working farm that thrives on seasonal changes and natural life cycles, tour content also changes with the seasons.  Most tours will include horses, chickens, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, donkeys, ponies, rabbits and ducks and don’t forget to ask about adding a hayrack ride around the farm! This tour option can be customized for all ages and knowledge levels and is also perfect for groups with special needs!

Group minimum: 12 paid participants

Price: $8.25/person (2023 pricing)

Price with a hayrack ride: $9.25/person

To book our Moo-ve About The Farm tour, please fill out a Tour Request Form Here. Please note: Tours must be booked two weeks in advance of the date of your requested tour. After completing the form, a member of our staff will follow up to confirm the booking within 3 business days.

Count Your Chickens

What came first, the chicken or the egg?? Even though we won’t be able to answer that question, we will be able to answer all of your other chicken related questions in this hands-on class that focuses on chickens and their contributions to society. Participants will learn about poultry breeds, parts of the chicken, embryology, egg inspection and how to prepare eggs for sale. This program is very hands-on and most ideal for children in grades 1st –  4th.  

Group minimum: 12 paid participants

Price: $9.25/person

*Consider our egg incubation program as a continuing education option after this class

Horse Sense

Horses have a deep rooted existence in agriculture and more recently in recreation and therapy. This class will allow participants to experience the majestic presence of the horse while being educated on basic horse care and needs. Topics to be covered include horse health and wellness, grooming, nutritional requirements, exercise needs and more. Though there is no horseback riding in this class, participants will experience hands-on learning assisted by our wonderful herd of horses and ponies. This class is ideal for children in grades 2nd and above.

Group minimum: 12 paid participants

Price: $9.25/person

To book a Count Your Chickens tour or a Hold Your Horses tour, please contact Tara, our Farm Education Program Manager directly at