New!!! Register for luncheons online, by clicking on the links below. It is the same price, $25.75, online or in person.

Luncheons start at noon and run until approximately 2 p.m. each Tuesday.

Every Tuesday at The Center, we have a delicious luncheon followed by an enlightening program on travel, nature, art, book reviews, personal growth, world affairs, spirituality, or other topics of interest. Luncheons cost $25.75. Please make reservations by the Sunday before the luncheon. Payment is required at the time of reservation.

Upcoming Luncheons:

Tuesday September 29: Terry Lynch in “Apollo 13: NASA’s Near Disaster, Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13”

On April 11, 1970, three NASA astronauts took off on a mission to the moon. However, something went terribly wrong. Hear astronaut Jim Lovell as portrayed by Terry Lynch recount the harrowing story of the near disaster of the Apollo 13 mission and how they made it back safely to terra firma. Nationally known actor Terry Lynch specializes in historical portrayal to meet the needs of the young at heart who are never too old to learn something new about history’s most interesting, inspirational figures.

October 6 Oktoberfest with Glenn Ellison

Celebrate Oktoberfest at The Center with The Deutsch Meisters Band. The group has been performing for Oktoberfest events for the past 27 years. They will play all the traditional German Oktoberfest music and will be dressed in the full Oktoberfest fashion as well. The band consists of Frank Nackman on woodwinds and vocals, Chuck Bucsanyi on cordovox, JT Trimmel on trumpet and vocals and Glenn Ellison on drums and vocals.

October 13 Jenny Riddle is Vivian Maier “Out of the Shadows”

In this dramatic book review, Jenny Riddle portrays Chicago street photographer, Vivian Maier, the North Shore nanny whose remarkable gift for photography has, posthumously, taken the world by storm. Based on the extraordinary book, “Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows” by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams, Jenny, in character, reveals the fascinating details of this story of “buried treasure” and one woman’s private passion and genius for photograph

October 20 “Travel Tales” with Marilyn Rea Beyer

Join Marilyn Rea Beyer as she returns to The Center to share, in her words, the “saga of Chicago-to-California road trips with my dad Augie and mom Wilma Rea. Dad was always up for adventure, if you could drive there. Bed bugs in the motel? Keep driving! Ghost town? Let’s go! Opium den? Look fast! Mojave Desert? We’ve got water! And he didn’t mind getting lost as long as we were “headed in the general direction.” Her tales will also include a spooky story for Halloween!

October 27 “The Ghost Army” with Rick Beyer

Noted author and historian Rick Beyer will be on hand to discuss his best-selling book: “The Ghost Army of World War II,” by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles, which details the fascinating story of a top-secret WWII unit that used inflatable tanks, sound effects, and illusions to fool the Germans on the battlefields of Europe. It is published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Please note: the final two luncheons in October feature presentations by a noted husband-and-wife team, a first for The Center!