A message from Dave Sanders

Hello everyone,
   We are in emergency mode, as is most of the country right now, with the COVID-19 virus outbreak. All of our programs and activities are shut down, including all services at the Wayside Chapel, and all gatherings at the School, in the Lodge, at the Log Cabin Art Center, and on our Farm.
   Most of our staff has been sent home. A few key staff and the men in the Pathway program are making sure our farm animals are taken care of, and stringent disinfecting and cleaning procedures are in place for the safety of those who remain on this property. We are officially closed until March 31, but feel these conditions might very well go into April.
   The school is prepared to start online learning April 1 for our kindergarten through third-grade students. I would like to thank the Crownson and Pnazek families for allowing us to liquidate the camp scholarship investment funds for an emergency cash loan that we will pay back, interest free, when things improve.
   We evaluate our path-forward daily and have stopped all spending except for emergency purchases. We are reaching out, especially to the senior members of our fellowship, and have volunteers who will go to the grocery store to pick up items that are needed.
  We ask for your prayers and support, and certainly our love and prayers go out to everyone. We will pull through this. Together, we will pull through…but keep the guard up, be diligent, and thoughtful of our most vulnerable.

Dave Sanders

Executive Director