Meditations 2018

January 2018

Reading, “Living with Hope,” Henri Nouwen/Meditation, “As a child, I remember hoping for certain things to happen,” January 7

Reading, John 1:35-42/ Meditation, “Tuesday nights are my late nights here at The Center,” January 14

Reading, Mark 1:14-20/ Meditation, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near,” January 21

Reading, Mark 1:21-28/ Meditation, “Everybody can be an expert these days!” January 28

February 2018

Reading, Mark 1:29-39/ Meditation, “The estimates are that between 4 – 6million people visit the shrine of Lourdes,” February 4

Reading, Genesis 22:1-2, 9A, 10-13, 15-18/ Meditation, “OK…let’s just say it out loud,” February 25

March 2018

Reading, John 2:13-22/ Meditation, “If you are of a certain age,” March 4

Reading, Mark 10:46-52/ Meditation, “Do you know what your heart’s desire is?,” March 11

Reading, John 11: 3-7, 17, 20-27, 33B-45/ Meditation, “I remember the day Carter came to The Center,” March 18

Reading, Mark 1:1-11/ Meditation, “It has begun,” March 25

April 2018

Reading, John 20:11-18/ Meditation, “I would like to begin by taking a few moments of silence,” Easter, April 1

Video, Wonderful World/ Meditation, “Today, as you know is Earth Day,” April 22

May 2018

Reading, Acts 2:1-11/ Meditation, “Have you all heard of the  Laurel/Yanni challenge?” May 20

Reading, “The Palos Hills by Reverend Paul Sanders”/ Meditation, “As we begin our reflection today may I invite you first to look…,” May 27

July 2018

Reading, Mark 5:21-24, 35b-43/ Meditation, “Growing up, I never doubted that Jesus was the only Son of God,” July 1

August 2018

Reading, John 6:60-69/ Meditation, “You know. . .,” August 26

September 2018

Reading, Mark 7:31-37/ Meditation, “I’d like to begin with another story. . .,” September 9

Reading, Mark 7:33-39/ Meditation, “How are the children?,” September 23

October 2018

Reading, Mark 10:42-45/ Meditation, “Isn’t it exciting that Prince Harry and Meghan are expecting!” October 21

Reading, Mark 10:46-52/ Meditation, “Jericho, I have been told,” October 28

November 2018

Reading, Mark 12:28B-34/ Meditation, “I was driving on West Ave. in Orland Park,” November 4

Reading, Confession of Faith/ Meditation, “If we had fifty cents for every time someone said,” November 11

December 2018

Reading, Luke 2:1-7/ Meditation, “To whom was he engaged and who was expecting a child,” December 9

Reading, Luke 2:8-20/ Meditation, “Last Saturday Pilgrimage to the Manger happened once again…,” December 16