Haunting Volunteers 2019

Hello Everyone!

October is flying by here at The Center is it is now time to prepare for The Center’s haunted hayride event, The Haunting.  We are hoping to make this year’s Haunting better than last and the way we will do that is by having more volunteer help!  We are hoping to have our hayrack paths filled with creepy ghouls and spooks – this year’s story is about spooky scarecrows! 

So, here is where I plea for your help!  PLEASE HELP US!! We are in need of volunteers to help transform our beloved farm into an eerie, spooky experience where the land comes alive!  This whole program and its success is based on our ability to give our guests a spooky, nighttime experience at the farm.  Our decorations and costumes are inspired by the story and we want to keep details as consistent as possible throughout the entire evening.  That said, every ‘character’ will be asked to wear a costume that helps represent our story in some way.  The roles we need are;

  • Trail Spooks – Monsters, goblins, zombies (nothing overly gory please)
  • Scarecrows
  • Ghillie Suits (If you are unfamiliar with this term, Google it.  They will be perfect!)   
  • Spider Cider & Marshmallow Witches (green faced, pointed hat witches very welcome here!)
  • Hayrack Drivers & Loaders
  • Front Gate Help
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Exit Gate help

The Haunting will be held on Friday, October 25th  and Saturday, October 26th.  Tickets are being sold for 6:30pm, 7:15pm and 8pm.  Volunteers are asked to commit to an entire evening (or both) however ‘split shifts’ don’t work very well for this event.  The time commitment will be from about 6pm-9:30pm each night.

For those who are new to The Haunting, the evening play out as follows…
Upon arrival, guests are led into the farm pavilion, which will be set up for Spooky Story Time.  Following the stories, we will load our guests onto hayracks.   They will drive around the farm trails (which will be filled with volunteer spooks) ending up at Indian Hill.  At Indian Hill we will have witches serving spider cider and offering marshmallows for roasting.  The main areas for volunteer help are spooks along the trail, witches at Indian Hill and trail decorating/set up.

If you are interested in volunteering this year, please respond via email or phone, as I would like to start getting details worked out. If you have responsible  and trustworthy friends, neighbors or family that woudl also like to help out, please invite them along.  The more, the scarier!

Similar to last year, we will divide the trail into zones and each zone will have a volunteer leader.  This leader will be responsible for supervising minors on the night of the event. 

Thanks in advance for your support!  I look forward to a great 2019 Haunting!

Amy DiDominicis @ 708.361.3650
Program Director