Group Tour Policies

We strongly recommend that your group arrives for your tour 15-20 minutes before your scheduled start time. This will allow you time to check-in, pay and drop lunches in the pavilion if need be. Tour groups that arrive late are not guaranteed the full tour. The tour may have to be adjusted due to lost time. If your tour group needs to depart early, please ensure our staff knows that prior to arrival and at check-in so that we can appropriately accommodate your request.

Food/lunches can not be brought up to the barn and will have to be left in the pavilion during the tour. The picnic area is a shared space.

We require a single payment in the form of cash, check or credit card. Payment is due upon arrival. Checks can be made out to ‘The Children’s Farm’.

If your group needs to cancel for any reason, we request at least 24-hour notice for cancellation. We operate tours rain or shine. The easiest way to inform our staff about a cancellation is via email or the farm office phone. 

If your anticipated tour numbers change by more than 5 attendees, you must contact the farm office with an updated student/adult count so that we can properly accommodate your group.

The farm is not open before or after your reserved field trip time except for the picnic area. Please let your chaperones know that the animal area will not be open at any time other than the scheduled tour time.

If there are any participants in your group that are in wheelchairs or have IEPs that require a one-on-one aide, please ensure you indicate that on your group inquiry form so that we can plan accordingly. If your group fails to indicate that those accommodations are necessary, we cannot guarantee a handicap accessible hayrack will be available.

Your tour is not confirmed until you return your signed Tour Invoice to The Children’s Farm. Dates and times will not be held for tours that remain unconfirmed for more than one week.

Our address spans both side of the highway. A GPS will take you to ‘The Center’ which is on the West side of Southwest Highway. The Children’s Farm is on the East side of Southwest highway. All tour vehicles (cars, vans, buses) should park in the parking lot and participants should walk up the walkway. Buses are not allowed up the driveway as there is no safe turnaround.