From Reverend Chris Hopkins and The Center Staff…

We are living in difficult times…to put it mildly! So much uncertainty, so much confusion, so much anxiety and fear. The novel corona virus pandemic has rocked our world. Nothing seems the same…every hour brings some new unwelcome news.


So what do we do?

What must we not do?

Can we gather with our friends or should we stay home by ourselves?


These are very important questions.

They are even life and death questions for some.


There is one question that lies under these questions:


Who do I choose to BE in times such as these?


Humanity has faced crisis situations before and we will again, that is for certain. But here we are, and each of us has a choice as to how we navigate these trying times.  While many of our activities have been curtailed, our ability to be a human being has not. Each must choose who we are as a human being when we feel threatened. We can certainly circle the wagons and only be concerned with me and mine and the rest of “them” be damned. We could do that. Yet, that attitude will shrivel our hearts and shrink our souls. We will become less than human if we do not stay aware of the needs and suffering of our neighbors.


Of course, we must use good judgment and follow science-based, sound medical instruction. Yet it is when we reach out to help a fellow human being that we will find our fear shrinking and our heart growing.


And so, here at The Center, even though our doors are closed for the time being, our hearts are open. If you need help for grocery shopping or someone to run to the pharmacy we have volunteers who will help you.


Please reach out by calling our front desk at 708-361-3650 or by sending an email to Rev. Chris at

Our Labyrinth offers an outdoor, peaceful activity.