Farm Explorers & Extreme Farm Explorers

Our Farm Explorers program is a five-day camp experience for Campers, entering grades 2 – 6.  Farm explorers will meet from 9am-4pm, and will spend lots of time at the farm, with the animals and horses in addition to other activities like hiking, camp crafts, cookouts, group games, singing, and more!  Hot lunch will be served daily. 
Our Extreme Farm Explorers program is a six-day camping experience that runs side by side our residential camp, however it does not include overnight stays.  Geared for campers in grades 3 – 7, this is a great program to satisfy the camper that is ‘almost’ ready for overnight camp.  Extreme Farm Explorers will join us for morning chores, lunch, afternoon programming, and also for dinner and evening activities.  Program meets on Sunday evening for opening ceremonies, Monday – Thursday 9am-9pm, and Friday until 5pm.