Cow Pie Bingo 2022

Cow Pie Bingo is a fun way to raise money for our SAGE program while embracing our ‘farmy’ roots. The Center will be selling up to 324 tickets for this year’s event and each ticket buys a square on our grid. A large grid will be painted on the farm lawn and one of our cows will be turned loose into the grid space. The game involves waiting for the first ‘cow pie’ to be deposited on the grid. The first square ‘hit’ with the majority of the cow pie is the winner and will be taking home a $1,000 cash prize!

Tickets are currently on sale and can be yours for a $20 donation. The event will be held on the Sunday of Barn to Be Wild and will be a wonderful family friendly morning! All ticket holders get complimentary admission to the BINGO game as well as Open Farm & the Barn to be Wild fun on Sunday, May 22rd.