CIT/WIT at The Center


Each summer, we invite teens to assist our Farm Camp staff as Counselors-in-Training (CITs) and Wranglers-in-Training (WITs).  Each CIT or WIT works at camp for a session, acting as an assistant to the counselors or wrangler and as an aide to the camp program.  CITs and WITs live in the cabins with the campers, and have an opportunity to learn and practice good leadership skills.  CITs assist counselors on hikes and projects with campers and also do some of the chores at camp, such as daily cleaning of the washhouse, pavilion, etc.  WITs assist the wrangler with the farm chores and horseback riding sessions with the campers.  CITs  and WITs are given an opportunity to be “in charge” of campers on counselors’ nights off (with nearby supervision available if needed!)  Being a CIT or a WIT at camp is a popular and enjoyable experience.  Campers admire their CITs and WITs and aspire to someday be one themselves.  For this reason, CITs and WITs have the added prestige and responsibility of being positive role models for the campers.  


1. 16 years of age and enrolled in SOL OR 17 years of age (this means that if you are 16 years old and applying to be and IT, you must also be enrolling in a SOL session that same summer.  If you are 17 years old, you may apply to be an IT without also attending a SOL session in the same summer.)

2. Enthusiastic positive attitude 

3. High energy level, willingness to work hard and participate in everything at camp

4. Respectful and compassionate behavior toward others 

   (including campers with behavior problems)

5. Well-developed sense of responsibility and trustworthiness

6. Love of nature, farm animals, horses, campcrafts, gardening

7. Respect for authority and for the total program of The Center 

8. WIT: horseback riding experience and horse care knowledge


1. An opportunity to volunteer to help kids enjoy a great camp experience

2. An opportunity to live and learn at camp 

3. An opportunity to develop good leadership skills

Here is the CIT/WIT application link