Meditations 2016

January 2016

Reading, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8/ Meditation, “If you are of a certain age….you probably remember this song…,” January 3

Reading, Luke 3:15-16; 21-22/ Meditation, “You are my Son the Beloved; with you I am well pleased,” January 10

Reading, “An Empty Cup”/ Meditation, “My children have been my greatest spiritual teachers,” January 17

Reading, Luke 4:21-30/ Meditation, “When you think of it, it’s common sense to take care of your family first,” January 31

February 2016

Reading, Luke 9:28-36/ Meditation, “I’d like to begin my few thoughts. . . ,” February 21

March 2016

Reading, John 20:1-9/ Meditation, “I hope you don’t think I’m crazy,” Easter

April 2016

Reading, John 20:24-29/ Meditation, “They were sitting around the evening fire,” April 3

Reading, John 21:1-19/ Meditation, “Everyone in the family knows that when Uncle Buzz,” April 10

June 2016

Reading, Luke 9:18-24/ Meditation, “How’s everyone doing today?,” June 19

Reading, Luke 9:21-62/ Meditation, “A number of years ago, at a different parish,” June 26

October 2016

Reading, Luke 17:11-19/ Meditation, “A number of years ago, when my children were between 8 and 12,” October 9

Reading, Luke 18:1-8/ Meditation, “My Grandmother and mother-in-law were dyed-in-the-wool Cubs fans,” October 16

Reading, Luke 19:1-10/ Meditation, “Last year a little book called. . . ,” October 31

November 2016

Reading, Luke 20:27-38/ Meditation, “Oh, how we all want answers,” November 6

December 2016

Reading, Luke 2:1-20/ Meditation, “You know…often times I hear people complain,” December 24