Meditations 2014

February 2014

Reading, Matthew 5:38-43/ Meditation, “Therefore…be perfect as Abba God in heaven is perfect,” February 23

March 2014

Reading, Matthew 6:24-34/ Meditation, “So do not worry about tomorrow,” March 2

Reading, Matthew 4:1-11/ Meditation, “13.8 billion years ago…give or take a few billion years,” March 9

Reading, Matthew 17:1-11/ Meditation, “When I was a kid in Catholic elementary school,” March 16

Reading, John 4:5-26/ Meditation, “Six blind men enter a room with an unknown object,” March 23

April 2014

Reading, Mark 2:18-22/ Meditation, “Ours is no ordinary time,” April 6th

Reading, Matthew 21:1-11/ Meditation, “Today we set the stage,” April 13th

Reading, Luke 24:1-12/ Meditation, “Within the last two weeks,” Easter, April 20th

Reading, John 20:24-28/ Meditation, “This Gospel story is really aimed at two different groups of people,” April 27th

May 2014

The Center Singers performed a Sister Act recital, May 4th

Reading, John 10:1-10/ Meditation, “Does this scenario sound at all familiar to you?” May 11th

Reading, “Acorns”/ Meditation, “Well…it’s one month after Easter…,” May 18th

Reading, Mark 5:25-34/ Meditation, “I have heard that there is a phenomena called ‘phantom pain’,” May 25th

June 2014

Reading, Matthew 28:16-20/ Meditation, “And remember . . . I am with you always, to the end of the age,” June 1st

Reading, John 20:19-23/ Meditation, “As I begin today…I don’t have a cute story or a joke,”June 8th

Reading, John 3:16-18/ Meditation, “I almost didn’t use this reading today,” June 15th

Reading, John 6:51-58/ Meditation, “So last Monday when I chose this scripture reading,” June 22nd

Reading, Matthew 16:13-19/ Meditation, “Oh dear…here we go again…,” June 29th

July 2014

Reading, Genesis 18:1-15/ Meditation, “Don’t you just love this story?” July 6th

Reading, Matthew 13:1-19/ Meditation,”So, I did my research this week…,” July 13th

Reading, Matthew 13:24-30/ Meditation,”Lots of good folks love this parable of Jesus…,” July 20th

Reading, Matthew 10:37-42/ Meditation, “If you asked me to make a choice between,” July 27th

August 2014

Reading, “Will Some Sermon Answer Me?”/ Meditation, “A while back, Frank Sanders asked me to reflect upon this letter . . .,” August 17th

Reading, Matthew 5:43-48/ Meditation, “I don’t think I have to make a list of all the violent situations in the world,” August 31st

September 2014

Reading, Matthew 18:15-18/ Meditation, “Do you remember that old game of ‘Telephone’?” September 7th

Reading, Matthew 14:22-33/ Meditation, “Several years ago, I was on the Sea of Galilee,” September 14th

Reading, Matthew 20:1-16a/ Meditation, “Yes, I know we have already read one story,” September 21st

October 2014

Reading, Matthew 13:44-5, 51-3/ Meditation, “Several weeks ago, I had the day off and was going to run a few errands,” October 5th

Reading, Matthew 22:1-10/ Meditation, “Eighty plus years ago, Paul and Elizabeth Sanders founded a ‘house by the side of the road,’” October 12th

Reading, Matthew 22:15-21/ Meditation, “Ah, yes, it is that time of year. . . ,” October 19th

November 2014

Reading, Matthew 22:34-40/ Meditation, “I’m sure you’re already aware of these things,” November 2nd

Reading, Profession of Faith of the Wayside Chapel/ Meditation, “When The Center began,” November 9th

Reading, Matthew 25:14-15, 19-21/ Meditation, “On first glance, there is just so much wrong,” November 16th

Reading, Matthew 25:31-46/ Meditation, “Do you ever wish for life just to be a little bit easier?” November 23rd

December 2014

Reading, Luke 2:1-7/ Meditation, “A woman who comes to Spirituality classes here at The Center,” December 7th

Reading, Luke 2:8-19/ Meditation, “Ah . . . the shepherds,” December 14th

Reading, Matthew 2:1-12/ Meditation, “Did you know that today is the Winter Solstice?” December 21st

Reading, Luke 2:1-17/ Meditation, “Thirty-six years ago, M. Scott Peck wrote,” Christmas Eve