Summer Camp

All returning campers are eligible for priority registration!

Applications & deposits must be in by January 6th to be considered in that first round of camper selections. After January 6th, registration will be open to new campers and all applications will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis. The applications for camp received prior to January 6th will be accumulated up to that date and then campers will be selected for the available spots at camp on the basis of the following criterion:

1. Successful past experience at camp (success meaning growth in the goals of camp, i.e. group cooperation, nature appreciation, outdoor fun)

2. Demonstrated connection to this place (number of years at camp, participation when possible in non-camp activities, as evidence of this place being significant to the camper)

3. Availability of other options, such as staying in Farm Camp another year, or moving into our Senior Outdoor Leaders program, or participating in other farm activities this year.