Adult Volunteer Application
As a participant in the volunteer program of The Chicago Southwest Suburban Community Parish and Community Center Foundation, “The Center”, I acknowledge that my participation in the program as well as my use of the Center’s facilities, equipment and other assets located on (of off) it’s premises involves exposure to potential hazards including but not limited to slips, falls, cuts, scrapes, insect bites or stings, animal bites, allergic reactions, highway crossings, poison ivy, water accidents, stairs, icy conditions, and heavily wooded trails. In addition, there are risks of danger or injury in connection with use and handling of horses owned and non-owned, stabled and/or exercised on the premises or elsewhere, and with the use of equipment and tools, or the performance of tasks or duties. While The Center attempts to reduce and/or avoid such hazards through instruction, maintenance, and safety procedures, the undersigned understands that all risk of danger or injury cannot be precluded. Accordingly, and as a condition of participation in the program at The Center, the undersigned does hereby release and discharge The Center, its staff, employees, member and invitees from all claims of any kind or character which the undersigned might have against The Center because of any injury which may be sustained while engaged in sais tasks, duties, or while participation in any functions of The Center or while on The Center’s premises. And said undersigned does expressly stipulate and agree to indemnify and to forever hold harmless said Center, its staff, employees, members and invitees against any and all claims, demands, actions, damages, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensation on account of or in any way growing out of injuries or death which may hereafter at any time be made or instituted against said Center, its staff, employees, members and invitees, by the undersigned or by his/her legal representative or anyone on his/her behalf for the purpose of enforcing any claim for damages for injury sustained by him/her as a result of his/her use of (or presence on) The Center property or while participation in a Center program. I have read the foregoing indemnification agreement and fully understand it. Your participation in programs at The Center authorizes The Center to use photos or videos of you for promotional services.
Those seeking to complete court ordered community service hours need to contact our operations manager , Chris Posta at